Preparing for Gifts

Funny how sometimes the universe says that things are not ours to do.

Last summer when everyone was gardening, I took a lot of enjoyment from the gifts of zucchinis, so this year at our plant sale, I was sure to grab some and plant them. Many things are doing well in my garden and yet, oddly, zucchinis, which people assure me are easy to grow, are not!  Though initially disappointed—after all, I only recently learned that zucchini “noodles” are actually good—I am dusting off my prime 2020-21 skill of readjusting expectations….

So it appears to me that for me, zucchinis are supposed to be in the gift category. Now, that doesn’t mean people HAVE to give them to me—however, it does look as if growing zucchinis is not my work to do.  Perhaps that is the trick—to figure out what in the great mass of things that can be done and must be done are actually ours to do and which ones are not.

Zucchinis will be part of the gift economy for me, with me as a receiver and not a producer.  Which is fine with me.

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