The Ways We Come Together

June 21, 2024

What a week this has been? As I write this, I am still a little sticky from finishing putting some…

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The Longest Day

June 14, 2024

This week we will experience the Summer Solstice, the day with the longest number of daylight hours. Today as I…

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Leslie’s Logos — June 2024

May 28, 2024

Recently, our congregation was asked to consider putting some extra effort into the Winter Nights program for families living without…

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Seeding Commitments

May 24, 2024

This weekend I will have the honor of officiating the marriage of two of our members who met through our…

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Legacy Is The Remainder

April 30, 2024

May is the month when we gather with those who have let us know that they intend to leave a…

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