Of death and life in a sacred space

February 16, 2024

As I listen to predictions of more rain in our future, I am looking out my window at the Memorial…

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Moving Abundance

February 2, 2024

For me, this is the season of moving water. That means taking water from one place and putting it another,…

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How is your spirit?

January 19, 2024

This new year, 2024, is on us with a vengeance. As the national elections heat up, the Middle East conflicts…

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Recommitting to routine

January 5, 2024

This week I went back to swimming, something I have done twice a week for the last three years. If…

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Love, Hope, Joy and Peace

December 21, 2023

‘Tis the season to light candles. One set of candles that I have come to look forward to with unexpected…

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