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Spaces for Rent


Our worship space (no religious symbols evident) accommodates 299 people in upholstered chairs.

Brick Patio

This outdoor space can accommodate 100 people.

Memorial Garden

Available only for small weddings and other solemn ceremonies,
this space can accommodate 30 people.

Oak & Sequoia Rooms

These rooms can accommodate 10-15 people on sofas.

Owl Room

This room can accommodate up to 40 people seated in chairs, or 20 seated at tables.

Fireside Room

This room can accommodate 15 people in rolling armchairs.

Bortin Hall

This space accommodates up to 335 people seated in chairs, or up to 200 people seated at tables.

Children's Chapel

This room can accommodate up to 50 people seated in chairs, or 25 seated at tables.

Room Information and Forms

Rent Space at MDUUC

Beautiful Hillside Setting
Our beautiful hillside site in Walnut Creek, CA is ideal for Weddings, Memorials, Quincineras and other religious ceremonies. You may make arrangements for one of ministers to officiate (if available on your date), or bring your own officiant.

The Sanctuary is ideal for people of all faiths and beliefs, as well as for inter-faith or secular ceremonies, as it has no traditional religious symbols. A small changing room is provided for wedding parties. The entire site is wheelchair accessible, and there is free Wi-Fi access from most locations.

Memorial Services

We provide rentals at a 50% discount for memorial services which are led by our minister.

All Are Welcome
We welcome same-gender ceremonies.

Not-for-Profit Rentals
For meetings and events, we rent space to qualified not-for-profit organizations such as Rotary, Lions, Elks and Toastmasters. (We require a copy of your non-profit documents.) Bortin Fellowship Hall can be set up with tables to seat up to 200 people, or as theater seating for up to 335 people, and has a grand piano. Small groups can use the Children’s Chapel or OWL Room, which also has a piano.

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