Adopted by the Congregation on January 31, 2021

We, the members and friends of the Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, covenant with one another to act in the following ways in our interactions and in all forms of communication:

We speak and write directly, openly, and respectfully with each other.

I will take individual responsibility to:

  • act, write, and speak with tact, clarity and compassion,
  • go directly to a person with whom I disagree and respectfully share differences,
  • follow the congregation’s guidelines for resolving issues or concerns in a timely manner,
  • remember that after disagreement or conflict, we deepen our bonds when we repair, forgive, and sustain our relationships.
  • avoid using social media or the Internet to air grievances or harass a member, friend, minister, or staff member, as it is often difficult to discern one’s intentions without context.

We support and encourage diversity within our congregation. 

I will take individual responsibility to:

  • listen appreciatively and with an open mind to those whose opinions or whose life experiences or cultures are different from mine,
  • create a welcoming environment that encourages participation by all.
  • acknowledge when I have caused harm despite good intentions and seek to understand as part of growing,
  • honor the diversity of religious thought within Unitarian Universalism,
  • respect an individual’s identity expression.

We trust each other’s motives and acknowledge that harm can still occur without malicious intent.

I will take individual responsibility to:

  • consider other people’s motives and opinions, as we work for the shared goal of supporting our religious community,
  • share my truth when harm has occurred even with good intentions,
  • keep MDUUC a place for healthy disagreement as well as for harmonious relationships.

We respect healthy boundaries.

I will take individual responsibility to:

  • respect the personal boundaries of all members and friends, and the personal and professional boundaries of ministers and staff,
  • refrain from coercing or forcing any undesired contact or connection.
  • respect a person’s privacy and not engage in any forms of online harassment, threats, or trolling,
  • refrain from physical or electronic stalking

We honor community decisions.

I will take individual responsibility to:

  • accept decisions made in accordance with our governance structure and formal procedures, and will respectfully work only within those democratic processes to effect change.