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What to expect on your first visit…

Where are you?

Click on Directions at the top of the page.

When do you meet?

We meet at 9:15 and 11:15 am on Sunday mornings. 10:15 a.m. during the summer months. There are other meetings during the week, for example the Vespers on Thursday evening. See the calendar for times.

What do adults wear?

Dress is generally informal, with a wide variety of styles, depending on age, gender and personal preference..

What do children wear?

Children should be comfortable and prepared for a variety of activities.

Is your church accessible to people in wheelchairs?

The church and grounds are entirely wheelchair accessible. We have a lift so that the chancel is accessible.

Do you have a hearing assistance program?

Yes. We have a loop, and individual hearing assist sets available at the rear of the sanctuary.

May our child stay with us during the service?

Yes! MDUUC has a commitment to be a multi-generational community. While children are welcome at all services, some are specifically designed to include all ages. For parents who prefer, we have a small room with sound and a window at the back of the services and we stream the services into the social hall where parents and children can move more freely.

What goes on during the worship service?

The form of the service is generally like most Protestant services — singing, sermon, singing. We are proud of our music program, including the choir which welcomes new members.

How about after the service?

Visitors are especially invited to visit the table near the Rainbow Umbrella in the social hall after the service. We invite you to join us for coffee, information and our welcome.

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