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What’s Up With Masking and Distancing At MDUUC?

June 2021 On June 15, the State of California relaxed its COVID-19 related restrictions.  Many of you have questions about what this means for MDUUC. This collection of Frequently Asked Questions is designed to update us all. Thanks for working to create a culture of…


THANK YOU TO MDUUC FROM DRUUMM – Successful Fundraiser!

Rev. Joseph Santos-Lyons, Consulting Minister for DRUUM and Affiliate Minister of the Church of the Larger Fellowship, sent a letter of appreciation to MDUUC’s board of trustees, and Vice President Linda Russell in particular, for organizing MDUUC’s support of DRUUMM (a Unitarian Universalist People of…


MDUUC Racial Justice Team Supports Miles Hall Lifeline Act

The MDUUC Racial Justice Team has sent letters of support to California Legislative Committees considering AB 988 The Miles Hall Lifeline Act. Sponsored by Assembly member Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, the bill creates a new three-digit phone line, 988, for suicide prevention and immediate, localized emergency response…


Sunday, April 25, 2021 – An Abundance of Divinity

Many among us came into Unitarian Universalism to get rid of outdated concepts of “God” or the Divine” which were oppressive or too anti-intellectual. And yet, in this uncertain world in which we live, many are finding that they need to understand more about what…


Let’s Celebrate our Commitment to MDUUC!
Pledge Drive Kickoff April 18th

We are living in unprecedented times which have challenged each of us in every aspect of our lives, requiring us to adapt in ways we couldn’t have anticipated.  But, adapt we did! Thanks to the phenomenal leadership, passion, and creativity of our Lead Minister, the…


Congregational Forum – March 21 12:30 PM

Members and Friends are invited to join our March Virtual Congregational Forum scheduled for this Sunday, March 21st at 12:30 pm. The agenda for this Forum will include updated information on our pandemic re-emergence plan and perspectives on the church’s financial situation and the challenges…


Join MDUUC and Interfaith Council for MLK Day Witness

Celebrating Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This past week our country experienced an attack on democracy by white nationalists. It is so important…


Unitarian Universalists Denounce Complicity with Extremists, Call for Courageous Action by National Leaders

The Unitarian Universalist Association joins leaders across this country in calling for the immediate removal of Donald Trump as U.S. President. We call on the Vice President and every Cabinet member to invoke the 25th Amendment and that Congress pursue articles of impeachment for the protection,…


MDUUC Commits and Launches COIC Review and Action 2020-2021

Since the Commission on Institutional Change (COIC) recommendations adoption by the UUA at General Assembly in June, the Association has invited congregations to share progress reports and learnings going forward on the UUA website. MDUUC has posted the following: "Board Goal 2020-2021" Mt. Diablo…

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