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Many people come to MDUUC to explore spiritual meaning and make new friends. Community Circles offer opportunities for both exploration and community building. Beginning throughout the year, Community Circles meet for six to 10 sessions at one- or two-week intervals, depending on the group’s chosen schedule.

The goal of each Community Circle is to build a healthy and sharing group that depends on the kindness, openness, and willing participation of everyone involved. Participants make a covenant — a sacred promise of honest and meaningful relationship — that deepens the experience while strengthening respect and caring within the MDUUC community.

Community Circles allow participants to share personal stories and perspectives in an atmosphere of respectful listening by the other members. Each circle, usually seven to ten members, participates in finding deeper issues to explore, shares insights, and works to develop a true sense of community within MDUUC.

Guided by a facilitator, every session focuses on a theme, quotation, or topic to provoke discussion and meaningful expressions of experiences and values.

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