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There are a wide variety of UU organizations for different interests - theology, history, social justice. The main location for finding information is the Unitarian Universalist Association.  The annual conference of our denomination is the UUA General Assembly, affectionately known as GA. It is held each summer and draws about 5,000 UUs from around the country. GA is divided into two parts, a program part and a business part.

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Here is a selected list of UU organizations:
UU Jusice Ministry of California - the organization that represents us to the California legislature and executive.

Starr King School for the Ministry - our seminary in Berkeley, CA.

Our church is a member of the Pacific Central District (PCD) of the UUA. The district includes 38 congregations in northern California, northern Nevada, and Hawaii. The district provides various services, like education programs and an annual gathering in the spring. See the PCD web site:http://www.pcduua.org/

We have a Partner Church in Erdőszentgyörgy, Transylvania. There are about 64,000 Unitarians in Transylvania, now a part of Romania. Their ancestors have been Unitarians for over 440 years. They are ethnic Hungarians, and liberal Christians. There are no crosses on their Unitarian church steeples. Egy az isten, (“God is One”) is written in all their churches. “We follow Jesus,” they say. “We do not worship him.” About half of the Unitarians in Transylvania live in small villages, the rest in cities and towns.  To join the team fostering our church’s relations with Unitarianism in Transylvania contact the Partner Church Committee.

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