Justice is what LOVE looks like in public."

Cornel West

We act to help those who are too often ignored or mistreated in our communities. From work to help those affected by homelessness, poverty, or hunger to actions aimed at correcting policies that perpetuate such inequities, our community offers many opportunities to put our faith in action. Working with external partner organizations, we build strong alliances (especially accountability partners that are BIPOC-led) and respond to pressing issues that wound the human condition.

Our justice efforts are organized through our Social Justice Council made up of the chairperson from each Justice Ministry Team.  In addition to the teams, we have a number of task forces that explore and bring other justice opportunities to our congregation.

Justice Ministry Guiding Methods

In accordance with our Church Mission, every Justice Ministry Team strives to support their area in one or more of the following ways:

  • Community Service
    • We act to help meet the needs of the people who are too often ignored, mistreated, and marginalized in our communities
  • Education
    • We offer opportunities for us all to embrace new information about the importance of various social issues and interpret the issue and our response(s) through the lens of liberal religious values
  • Advocacy
    • We work through the legislative process to impact public policy.
  • Witness
    • We partner with others in our community to make public by word or deed the convictions of our UU Faith and the issue at hand.
  • Community Organizing (Accountability)
    • We recognize that often individuals cannot effect change easily and instead require partnerships with community organizations to build strong alliances and ensure accountability and increase the likelihood of change.