Leslie’s Logos – September 2021

“What a challenging time this must be in your line of work,” a member said in a phone conversation in late August as I was relaying the work that we are doing and undoing and redoing as guidance related to COVID safety continues to evolve.

“Yes,” I said. “And yet we have learned that where there are people of good will, a lot can happen.” 

This truly is something we have learned. When people place the well-being of a community and of the other members of that community at the same level of care that they place their own needs, we can get through a lot.

At the heart of our faith is a covenantal understanding that we are bound together. One can think of this understanding as an extension of our beloved Seventh Principle which states that we covenant to affirm and promote the interdependent web of existence of which we are a part. This is not just an intellectual idea—it is a set of promises and commitments around which we make choices on a daily basis.

In these times, with the ever-present threat of Covid-19 and the other effects of climate change, we live into these promises even more actively. We commit to understanding that the parts of us that are lonely, frustrated, scared, and angry may want to buck the guidelines we are setting up to keep as many people as possible safe. We may feel like coming to services when we are feeling under the weather is..okay…even though we know it is not. We may struggle that a part of the service is focused on the children who have NOT been vaccinated even as in our hearts we know that having our children reassured that they are important in these times is critical. We may be resentful that policies change as guidance changes—aren’t we all learning that the scientific process is an unrolling and undulating one and not the set-in-stone one we had imagined!

And if we remember that we are BOUND TOGETHER, that we DEPEND on one another, we will find that way to make the commitments of community. We will be able to remember that we are in this for the long haul, that the choices we make are the way we live out our promises to one another every day. 

Every day the challenges of these times teach me more about myself and about the amazing people which I am privileged to serve—you!  One thing I know is that with good will and a little perseverance, we can accomplish much.

Take good care,


Rev. Leslie Takahashi serves as the Lead Minister for this congregation. She can be reached at leslie@mduuc.org

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