Our Humble Place In the Universe

As we get near the end of our [planned] outdoor services, I was reminded of how much in life is beyond our control. Last Wednesday was our vespers service and rescheduled because it was too hot and still. That was a service designed to celebrate the joyful wind that has greeted us and serenaded us from the treetops during other vespers services. With the hot day of cancellation in mind, I conceived of a service about SUN. I wrote this to gather us :

The rays of the sun extend their reach, the warmth of these days endures.

In this lasting light we behold one another with joy.

How good it is to gather in spirit—to bask in our ability to share space and spaciousness.

We gather not only with one another, also with the spirit of the wind and the sun and the rain—

All those elements which create life, life which we celebrate.

For the length of these rays and the warmth of this time and gathering, we are grateful.

As last Wednesday progressed, the evening did something unusual: turned cloudy. And cool. And then colder. And windy.

So as it turned out, the service about wind was a virtual service with no wind because the day was hot and still. And the service about sun and warmth was windy and cold.

If ever there was a time to be reminded of our humble place in the universe—this is it.

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