The Revelations of A New Perspective

One morning this week, my car went into the shop and I took that opportunity to walk to work from Parkside Drive. Walking along roads I have driven so many days over the last 13 years, I found that my perspective as a pedestrian was very different.  I noticed yards with little magical spaces carefully cultivated that I would never have seen from my car. I was awed by the amazing spread of some of the older trees who are merely shadow-casters when I am driving through. I saw little signs and messages to neighbors pinned to the sides of porches and I found myself oddly nostalgic at the sight of cracked blacktop atop tree roots—a sight very reminiscent of the neighborhood where I spent my childhood. And at one point, two turkeys and a gaggle of adolescent offspring stepped out of the ditch and crossed the road right before me—a much more intimate experience even though I witness turkey crossings many times a week.

I felt as if I was on a magical journey across a new and wondrous terrain and I was filled with the beauty and wonder of a terrain through which I drive as part of an almost daily commute. Being on foot gave me a completely different perspective, a new lens with which to see the whole place anew.

Often in the summer, we try on a new perspective—and a little change can help us see much in a new way. I am grateful for my chance to see the every day as such a rich palette and invite you to journey with new eyes in these summer days.

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