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Let the quail outrun you

Sometimes in the rush of our days, we forget to make some time to let things go. It is particularly true in this era in which we’re living, and in which it seems as if there is always something just a little out of control. In fact, it might be the case that we are living in a time between times in which we do not know the answer to many of the questions before us.

I was just bemoaning to myself the other day that the spring seems to have come and gone without me seeing one of my favorite sights which is the nesting quails trying to distract me from the site of their nests on our campus. Had I been so busy, I wondered, that I had missed their coming and going, that brief window of delight that I look forward to every spring. And then this morning, one was waiting right outside my office door, impatient, as if waiting for me, ready to have me walk behind and away from the precious nest.

Technology, a shrinking world, a growing environmental cataclysm, frightening new geopolitical realities, and a reality-tv national political scene all make us feel vulnerable. The old strategy would have been to stay in front of it. That is, in many ways, no longer possible.

We are waiting for new voices and new ideas to emerge and new ways of meeting and being and creating new truth together. Until they come, we will not know how we should be. Be faithful to the waiting. Until the new ways come, some days when the best thing we can do is to let the quail outrun us.

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