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April 6, 2018

This morning I took a walk down past my neighborhood into the unincorporated areas of Pacheco and it is just a short distance from where I live. Many people who are unhoused are now having to live in those areas and as I walked to pick up my car which broke down yesterday, I had to once again grapple with how easy it is for me to put them out of my mind, the full range of those who are my neighbors.

This weekend I am preaching about courage and I am struck by how much of courage is not about the large actions but simply the small acts of devotion and attention. Sometimes those can be affirming in themselves, especially when someone we love is under stress or when there are dynamics at play in the world that make people feel discounted and hopeless.

This week after spring break is a week of recuperation for some who teach and a week of vacation for some who are parents. At this point in the weeks, the parents may be feeling great gratitude for the teachers!  For while they may have taken time off from work, the demands of work may not have completely ceased and while they may be enjoying time with your offspring, they may occasionally feel overfilled like the banks of the little stream near my home pictured here. They may find themselves needing courage in the smaller and still essential ways.

Life as we live it today often seems to be overfilled, full of an abundance of things and also an abundance of concerns. May we be conscious of those times when we feel as if our banks runneth over even if it is with good things and make time for our spirit and for connection. This is one thing we do together through community and it is good and timely.


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