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Turning a Corner

Last week I went for a walk and I saw this beautiful little detail on a house. I took a picture of it and the image stayed with me and I found myself meditating on the idea of it being the corner of the house. The meditation on that image became a meditation on turning corners.
I started to realize that in order to turn the corner, we have to first approach it, and then we have to be willing to change our direction, sometimes almost to double back and other times just to simply change our angle of approach.
I am a person who thinks metaphorically and so I think about all the corners that I have turned in my life, all the corners in our greater society which it feels like we are approaching even if sometimes we missed the turn and just keep walking the same old way.
Whether it is a corner in our personal life or a corner in the life that we share with others in the world, when we must change direction, even slightly, it takes noticing and care and attention, for the ways in which we have been walking might not take us where we want to go now and the ways in which we are looking may not help us see the possibility of heading in a new direction.
What corners are waiting to be turned in your life, what turns are you willing to be sure we don’t miss
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