Leslie’s Logos – September 2022

Connections are life. Connections nurture us, challenge us, allow us to grow. Connections make the good times better and the bad times bearable.  Since 2020, many of us have realized which of the many strands of connections that had intertwined our lives prior to 2020 actually were made of strong fibers. We have patched up and shored up some strands that needed that because we realize those relationships were important. And we have cut some flimsy threads they didn’t offer us much support when we were hanging out there in the middle of nowhere.

Connections matter.  They can take a while to grow and once we have them, they are worth preserving, the connections here in the congregation, for example. As with so many things, we thought we were putting some down just for a bit, until the world returned to normal—and then it never did. The good news is that we can take up many of these connections again, needed even more for all of us wearied by uncertainty.   

One of the joys of this community is its strength in encouraging and building connections among people. So what a great way to launch our new congregational year by recommitting to our connections together.  How do we do this? Maybe agree to meet a friend you have missed seeing at Sunday services or at Vespers or the Ministers’ Class or the Open Women’s Group or the Men’s Breakfast. Or grab a buddy and decide together to meet one of the needs for volunteers on our Just in Time list or come to a Virtual Hour of Action together. Maybe offer to help us begin to offer beverages again to augment the lovely fellowship we have learned to offer one another on the patio. Maybe join a community circle or a connect group. Maybe come to offer new ones there will be many small group ministries small group that will allow you to connect. Maybe stop in for a coffee and conversations gathering around the county. Maybe try on one of the supportive groups such as the 12 Steps for UUs, the Grief Group, the Grief and Transition Group or the Caregivers Group. 

Connections matter. Together when we learn and grow learning and exploring within ourselves as well as learning more about the world in which we dwell, we deep in our ability to connect so let’s together pledge to recommit to connection and to a deep and joyous engagement with one another this year.

In faithful perseverance, 


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