Last week when I was doing a home repair project, I tuned into one of my go-to podcasts to find that the entire show is taking an 8 month hiatus. Releasing episodes throughout the last years had been both rewarding and very demanding as the host, Krista Tippett, explained. The changing world required something new and they were taking a pause to decide what that was.

I felt as if I was reading from my own script.

The last two and a half years have been among some of the most rewarding I have known—and also by far the most demanding. The importance of who we are as an organization and what we do was demonstrated again and again—and the pure mechanics of doing it required almost nonstop creativity and that is tiring.  

As I have watched record numbers of religious professionals leave the field and many, many beloved colleagues decide to take the retirement option they thought was still years off, I am struck by the power of the pause.  I am grateful that I am able this summer to slow down, catch up on sleep and on other parts of my life and to be released from the day-to-day pressures which make it harder to focus on the bigger picture. 

This world we face is requiring something new of progressive faith communities as well. What that is will take some digging to discover. I look forward to taking that up after a brief time of….pause….which I wish for you as well. And a reminder that our staff will be on pause the first week of August with a Livestream-only service during this hiatus weel.

May we all take good care and do what we need for renewal for the need for our healing ministry continues.

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