Divinations from Doves

If social media is at all reliable (a question, I know) then it seems as if many in the congregation are hosting baby birds. Though it is late in the season, I am accompanying my second nestful and am finding them particularly engaging.

The mother began nesting two weeks ago, the week before the extreme heat. She has taught me about persistence as she endured the scorching triple-digit temperatures and still never left the nest.

She taught me another lesson when she finally did. About a day after I finally caught sight of one of the dovelets, evening fell and as I passed the nest which is very near the door which connects my bedroom to the outside, I noticed she was gone. I hoped she was having some water, a good meal, and maybe a pedicure—she had been so diligent!  Then I started to worry about the baby. That ended when I searched for some information about how mourning doves raise their young. One of the interesting things is that the mothers leave the nest when the young ones are about to fledge.

Sure enough, the mom bird was back by 5 am and the two dovelets are looking more brash and adolescent every hour. A good system to let us have independence and support. I appreciate this sacred knowledge from these neighboring creatures.

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