Leslie’s Logos – April 2022

Yesterday we had a visit from Erika who was our guest in Sanctuary. While she still faces many challenges, she is making progress in building the life she needs and overcoming the tragedy and harm she experienced before making her harrowing passage from Honduras. As she left after our brief exchange, I was struck by how much has changed since those days when we first welcomed Erika and offered her sanctuary.

Now so many of us need a place of sanctuary. As the pandemic and its accompanying economic hardships showed, more living in this nation lack the basics of food, water, and shelter which is why we will be so glad to actively participate in the Winter Nights program this month. And why gifts to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund will continue to help meet the basic needs of members and friends who are struggling. 

And yet a kind of spiritual sanctuary has also become more important. So many of us now might understand that sense of uncertainty, that sense of being unsure of a place in the world, which our guest, Erika, had when she arrived. Covid-19, economic uncertainty, the visible signs of climate change, and the continuance of state aggression most recently seen in the egregious attacks on Ukraine all contribute to our doubts about the state of humanity and our world.

This makes having a place to affirm the best of human endeavor and the possibility of building a more inclusive and peaceful vision of our world even more important. Giving our children positive models of how to behave, including as sexual beings through the Our Whole Lives programs becomes more important in an age when many of our schools are retreating from a totally scientific view. 

In so many ways, I reflected, as I moved back into my office after saying goodbye to Erika, we exist as a sanctuary now in this world—including for folks who otherwise would remain disconnected as COVID restrictions lift and fewer and fewer places become accessible to them and especially for those who no longer drive amid the heavy and erratic area traffic.

In this month when we think about our ongoing commitments to one another, I am glad to have the opportunity to reflect upon the many ways we are a beacon AND a sanctuary. 

In faithful perseverance, 


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