Midnight Gardening

When I used to live in Charlottesville Virginia, one of the members of our congregation used to talk about midnight gardening. As a working, single woman the only time she could find to garden was at midnight. I thought about this last Wednesday when once again I was out filling my green bin in advance of our Thursday morning pick up. This has become a bit of a routine for me and I sort of look forward to my quiet interactions with the plants, the fallen leaves, the weeds and the stars twinkling between the tree branches. I am particularly fond of the stars….

This particular night a neighbor was putting out her own bin later than usual and she stopped to watch me. “Gardening better during day,” she pronounced. I thought of telling her to look at the stars, and then concluded that she was unlikely to be appreciative.

I agreed and went back to weeding. She watched me for a while. “You too busy in the day,” she finally said. “Night gardening okay.”

Night gardening IS okay. I will take it and continue my late-night communion with the stars and plants and tree branches. If that is how I can do it, I will take it. The world and its rules are changing. And even my neighbor approves.

May your week give you moments of connection. 

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