Leslie’s Logos – May 2022

So much to be grateful for as May begins! I know many of you have a list, mine goes like this:

Grateful to see people to be in the presence of people that I haven’t seen for a long time a long time, in-person and on Zoom. Grateful for the volunteers who stayed through the pandemic however and best they could. I’m grateful for those that were working so hard at their jobs or at simply surviving that they couldn’t do that and are now coming back. Grateful for the people who bring their kids even though the kids have different habits now and those that bring their grandkids because the kids have different habits now. Little things help too. I’m grateful for the people that send in pictures or who show up to say hello in the virtual greeting or stay a bit longer to say hello on the patio since reconnecting with one another is so important. I am grateful for those who go out of their way to meet some of our wonderful new people who have come in at a time it is harder to get to know people. How lovely to see the conversations on the Upper Patio on nice sunny days. I am very glad more people are coming on campus for our connection groups and affinity groups and spiritual practices. AND I am grateful for the technology we can use for administrative meetings without needing to survive the end-of-day traffic. Grateful for the small ways we help people in the big ways we help people that I get to see every day. The gifts that support the ministry team’s caring work, the work of our volunteers.  Grateful and all the people who are putting their oars in the water to pull harder in this odd time for religious community. 

And the gratitude in the day-to-day extends beyond it as well. I am grateful for the lives in this community that have come before mine that have helped create what we have today. In this spring when we are sharing so many Celebrations of Life for so many beloved people, I am aware of that with poignancy. So important to take time for gratitude,

In faith and perseverance, 


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