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Twas the night before Christmas and all through the town, a new variant was spreading, called Omicron….

Bah humbug!

The possibilities around this are endless. And yet, still, here we are, faced as we have been in recent years with choices and options. We can choose to smother this holiday and end of year passage in a lot of “should have been” and “could have been” or we can take the time to express what we need to about that to someone who can hear it (or to the universe itself) and then move on to what is before us.

I know, again.

Believe me, I do know. While our Christmas Eve plans still make sense given where the variant is in our county today, by watching the East Coast and some of the other areas which are further ahead on this cycle than we are, we can’t deny that post-holidays will be it time to pull in for a little while once again as that is when the Omicron surge is predicted for our area.  Our December 26th service was planned to be virtual and now we will be taking our January 2 service virtual as well. That was NOT the plan and I was very much looking forward to the rituals we can do together to mark  New Year’s Day, a significant day of the year for me. And we will.

Just NOT as I had planned.

I know I am not alone in my sadness and irritation about this—and I continue to start my day with a short expression of gratitude for those I love who are safe and a time of lament for the lives lost of those I love who are no longer on this earth. With this as the background on this year, perhaps this is the year to feel the most gratitude.

Whether you are grateful or grouchy, know you are, most definitely, not alone.

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