Always darkest before…the Solstice!

These last darkest days before the turning of the year have come to be ones I appreciate. Though in the bustle of these times it can be hard to find the time for contemplation that they invite, still we can find worth in connecting with those places within us in need of calm and dark and rest. The turning of the seasons can make us long for what has been—I remember how I missed the 5 am sun when it went away this fall, and yet now I will find it hard to bid adieu to my early morning star friends. The wisdom of the turning of a year and all that it holds is illustrated in these days which in their chill and lightness can bring a certain clarity.

The evening Solstice service has come to be one of my favorite services of the year. To hold together the awe of this time of year and to be present to it in community is particularly powerful, reminding us of those larger rhythms of life to which we are connected. In this ever-changing world, the timeless themes of this service bring particular promise. Light will return. Life will return. Connections can be reforged. Hope is something we create. Whether we are retelling the timeless tale of Persephone or clanking the pot lids to call back the sun, we can celebrate together not just the return of the light, rather the return of possibility.

Whatever you have planned for these last darkest nights, may you enter into it with a whole heart and spirit.

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