Saving the US Mail

When we think of this holiday season, we have come to think of package delivery. In the last years, we have come to picture the army of trucks with the swoosh on them controlled by one of the biggest virtual commerce companies out there. I myself still like to see the antiquated, boxy US-flag-colored mail trucks which belong to the United States Postal Service. Call me old-fashioned or even communitarian, however, I believe value is retained in keeping a publically-funded postal service.

You may not be aware that the US Postal Service is under siege, being attacked from within by the political appointees from the last presidential administration who are still in charge of it. Perhaps you have noticed that your mail is being delivered late into the evening or that packages are taking longer. In Concord, the automatic machine has been out for more than six months, which was the way I preferred to mail. These inefficiencies come from intentional actions to disable the postal service so that delivery can be fully privatized. While private delivery for packages and in urban areas may actually work fine, smaller markets and daily mail are more problematic as you can learn here:

A well-functioning public postal service is also key to maintaining democracy as the Atlantic magazine pointed out here:

We have public services because sometimes we need something that a market can’t support. So I will keep trudging to the US Post Office to mail my packages and leave a really good New Year’s gift for my postal worker. Maybe I will see you in line!

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