Being in the Now

As I write this, COVID infections are spiking in our County. According to the New York Times, some days last week we had more than a 700 percent increase in cases. More concerning than any statistic is the fact that each day I talk to more people who have COVID or have had an exposure than I heard about in the first two years of this pernicious pandemic. And so, we are all taking more precautions and moving back into virtual forms of life.  And much of that feels like a setback.

Let me take a moment on the most important—the loss of additional people, the diversion of health care resources that will mean other lives lost—those are losses at an incalculable scale.  Nothing we can do now will bring back those people, not for their own enjoyment of their lives or back into the shared frame they occupied with their loved ones. I offer my condolences to the many, many of you who have suffered such a loss.

AND let me also say that in this time, we increase our ability to be present to ourselves and to one another when we spend time also taking a count—with gratitude—of all those good things which are still present to us in this moment. The many ways we are gifted and privileged—at a most basic level in this time of extreme loss, with the gift of life.

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