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Friday, May 7, 2021

Rarely have I seen a spring so beautiful.

Even as we are learning more about this newest phase of drought, we are blessed to have the richness of spring around us. Such an explosion of colors and natural life is burgeoning all around us –it seems as if the natural world is reminding us of the persistence of life. The evenings feature the deepest of blues and the flowers have given us an abundance of blooms. Even as we grapple with the confusion familiarity and yet strangeness of this world we are in, this beauty is a great source of solace. Today as I was driving back to work, I had a close encounter with one of the peacocks who was sunning herself in the middle of Eckley Lane—the peacocks have been very vocal this week, their haunting cry both exhilarating and disturbing.

Perhaps this is how it is right now—life is giving us both gift and challenge. In that spirit, I offer these words from last week’s vespers service:

Amid the babble of beloved voices, can I hear my heart’s own song? In the flurry of reengagement, can I keep my commitments to myself? In the joy of connection, can I continue to be in touch with my own needs and wants? In the tangle of many wisdoms, can I keep my own counsel? In the midst of the crowd, can I hear my own heartbeat? In the busyness of a life emerging from the cocoon of isolation, can I hold onto the newly found friendship with myself? Can I keep the “I” in all the “opportuni-I-ties” that surround me? In my expansive view of possibilities, can I answer all these questions with a “yes”?

The natural order holds us in balance: Day and night, light and dark, rain and sun, wind and stillness. My natural rhythms sing in harmony: challenge and rest, companionship and solitude, taking in and giving out. The seasons of life, like the seasons of the year, teach me about the fertile and the fallow, the warm and the chill, the wet and the dry. The life all around me offers me the tools of solace: roots and wings, shadow and brightness, nourishment and excretion. Within the opportunities around us, we can choose what we take in and what we discard, what we embrace and put aside. We can honor the larger whole and our own full being of “I” within it which is the seed, the bloom and the leafing.

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