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March 19, 2021

This week we have seen heartbreak and hope again and again.

The heartbreak continues as we hold beloveds undergoing health challenges in the embrace of our community. And the hope comes from that as well—the outpouring of cards and notes that can truly demonstrate how people can shower one another with love, even in these pandemic times.

And the heartbreak extended as we learned the details of a series of killings in Atlanta. The deaths in multiple locations of women of Korean-descent and others was intensified by the statements of police spokespersons who seemed to downplay the events. This on top of a rash of attacks on people of Asian descent which appear to be fueled by the anti-Chinese rhetoric which was a staple of our last president has left many among us feeling shaken and unsafe. With so much fear and anxiety, hope grows in our efforts to speak out for a different reality—in this case, sounding the faithful voice against hate as members of the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County will do when they hold a short lunchtime vigil next Thursday (MDUUC will feature this on our Livestream link). People of good faith and compassion coming together to point out how we are all connected is always a source of hope.

We hold much anxiety and continued fear in these times when so many are still not vaccinated. Let us be grateful for hope among us.

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