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On Being a Community

Some of you know that when allowed to pick my “grandmother name,” I picked “kounna” which is Japanese for “fortunate.”

I feel fortunate today, blessed to have had increased contact with people in this community after this year of necessary and confounded separation. And also to be in a community that is covenantal, driven by our promises to one another. And so we are held in relationship, willing to sacrifice a little of what we might want to be sure that others get what they need.

This time of reemergence from sheltering in place and Covid-19-driven restrictions is one of those covenantal times. While the new CDC report makes it clear how safe some of us are privileged to be, others of us are vulnerable because of other conditions which make us unable to be vaccinated. And then—because we are a multigenerational community, some of us are just beginning the long process of seeking appointments, getting multiple vaccines, and waiting two additional weeks until those vaccines are fully effective. Some of us are needing to wait to see what happens with variants for those still pose a threat despite vaccination and others of us are struggling with the after-effects of the sheltering.

As a result, we are reemerging slowly—taking the time to be sure we do what we have been doing since those early fear-filled months of 2020 when news of the Covid-19 vaccine first reached us: we are taking the steps we can based on scientific evidence to make a plan for how we can fill our spirits by being together. We are putting emphasis on making this a sanctuary for as many of us as possible.

Fortunate indeed. To celebrate the new news about safety. And to recognize that the unmasking will make the rest of the world less safe for many of us for there will be no way to know with more that half the adult population unvaccinated who can transmit and who cannot.

Fortunate to be in a community that lives its values for inclusion.

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