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Friday, February 12, 2021

Like the breeze that blows the seeds, scattering them to the winds on their journeys, we breathe out the dried things of bitter days past and present. Like the tree above the stream, dropping the old leaf onto the water’s surface so that the new can bud and unfurl, we breathe out the spent air we have held in fear so long. No matter if the air is the perfect temperature or if the soothing rain falls as much as we would like, each day provides the opportunities to step into a new frame, a new possibility, a new way of being alive. Breathe out the worn and depleted, the once-vital and now impoverished so that abundance can come again, in small gifts, returning one to a better world.

And as we await the new inhalation, may we stop to listen for the breath of the world which sounds as birdsong, as the laughter of children, as the good regard between neighbors. As we await the renewals of connections and company, may we pause to notice the strength we have come to know in our own hearts and put our hand on its pulse and rejoice. As we await the return to some of what is familiar and missed, may we remember how much we wish to savor all of it and do all we can to rest in the larger expansive love of the Divine. The pause is where we hear the voice of God, the more, the source of the relentless renewal of Life and Love.

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