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Leslie’s Logos – February 2021

In my twenties, I spent a fair amount of time on boats. My neighbor had a catamaran, I soon acquired a canoe and later I became involved with a partner who was an avid photographer of coastal aviaries. In that last capacity, I spent time on powerboats and first saw a marine compass. This was a black dome with a needle floating in liquid—as if it were an extension of the watery expanses it helped us navigate. Unlike the little tin-and-needle compasses I had loved as a child, this one floated in many dimensions and allowed one to find the direction when the shore or the horizon was not evident—in times of fog or storm. The tippy, wobbly nature of the needle at first made me a little nervous—part of me didn’t want to recognize that the world could move on all those axises! Yet most of me was reassured by the bobbing red indicator which would keep telling us the right direction despite rolling waves and strong winds, rain, and storm.
Well, we are coming out of a time when we know that the world pivots in many ways. As I write this, the Governor just lifted the statewide Shelter-In-Place order and the staff and I will once again get to work on rethinking our programming for a new order—this time one in which businesses are understandably clamoring for reopening while medical personnel warn us of the need for continued vigilance.
As I thought about the upcoming staff meetings and the need to plan once more, I thought, with some weary gratitude, of the marine compass and its floating needle. This congregational community has shown its ability to be like that floating dial with its familiar markings, able to float on the winds of storm and change and still keep us pointed towards the world we wish to help co-create.
This last stretch of our pandemic journey may be the most challenging—we will have some privileged to be vaccinated and many not until the summer. Medical experts remind us still to take precautions and especially as some cannot be vaccinated because of underlying medical conditions, and many of us so eager to be back together. Yet I know these last gusty days will not swamp us because we know now how important it is to have this community and its ability to point us to true north.
Onward we sail. Onward we journey. Let us do so with the spirits of patience, resilience, love and possibility.
In the spirit of Love,

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