Time to Evolve and Shape 2022-2023 MDUUC Connection and Engagement! 

It is time to get creative. Let’s recognize who we are now — different from who we have been — and anticipate how we will change again in the future.  Evolution is the legacy of our living tradition.   

MDUUC Board Message 2022

We often say that we value time, treasure, and talent.

Time is how we show up, how we engage with the church throughout the week, the month, the year. How do you engage?  Volunteering/ working for justice, allyship, bearing witness? /Attending classes/ services/ teaching? What do you miss, what would you like to do?

Treasure: some of us can do an annual pledge the same way we always have. Some like to do it the way we did it back in the day – put the money in the offering plate. Some of us are on a tight budget and we’ll click the “Give Now” button when we actually have it.  Perhaps we give joyfully in fundraisers like the upcoming Bid4love or the monthly Share the Plate. There is no one way.  What is most important is that you consider how to support this community.

Talent: the many gifts within this congregation become our realization of community when offered and received. Teaching; the development, planning and creation of fundraisers; bringing the gift of song or acting when there is a call to contribute to an event or activity; facilitating a discussion after church, hosting a Community Circle.

Our legacy is rich with lessons. The gift, if we choose to accept it, is to take in the learning and incorporate new ideas into our personal learning and our spiritual growth.  Given these last couple of years, where we have seen our wonderful staff create a variety of ways for us to be together, let us also become creative – a congregational think tank. 

And for whom are we generating ideas? For our elders, for our families, for our youth and young adults, our disabled, our BIPOC and White members, our neurodiverse members, our LGBTQ+ members and friends – of all socioeconomic status.  

Ours is a legacy rich in learning. As our recent service reminded us, we need to include the valuable lessons of the past, with who we are now, and who we want to be, in order to evolve this community we call our spiritual home, in ways that reflect all of us. 

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