Good news!  We are moving towards a slightly quicker reemergence plan as Contra Costa County’s Covid-19 case numbers have begun to drop dramatically.  We are eager to welcome folks on campus THIS SUNDAY for hybrid outdoor-virtual services and outdoor children and youth programming.

HOORAY! Let us gather!

In keeping with the Governor’s announcement regarding the relaxation of some restrictions and with the unseasonable warm weather predicted for this week, we are moving our return to campus up by one week and will be offering the opportunity to gather outside and on our Livestream THIS Sunday. 

–Worship coming back on campus this weekend and back to Our “Worship 4 Ways” with inside masked options for those registered with us as vaccinated on February 27th.

–Children and youth programming will return to  campus this Sunday and back to indoors last Sunday of the month for masked and vaccinated children and youth.

Hooray! For those of us who can, it will be good to be together once more!

As the week’s unfold and we watch what happens to the declining rates of infection in our County, we will be exploring a return to more live singing during worship and also moving some other programming back on campus. We remain committed to continue to provide dedicated spaces for those whose medical status does not allow other forms of participation and understand that many will continue to choose to participate virtually.

Let us take a moment to honor the good-hearted and generous spirit of this community which allows us to have these gathering opportunities before us!
Proof of Vaccination:
Please send in your proof of vaccination for when we begin to meet again indoors. Please email a copy of your vaccination card to and if you have your nametag at home, consider dropping it off through the Scaff Building mail slot. This way the next time we are together, it will be ready!

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