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Reflections on our common humanity

This week I attended my last meeting as a member of the Racial Justice Task Force for our County and this morning I embark on our Border Journey to Tijuana. The common theme on these journeys is the extent to which the human landscape they traverse is filled with the struggle over who matters and who does not.

Both landscapes involve broken systems. The broken justice system which has become a school-to-prison pipeline for too many of our black and brown neighbors and the broken immigration system which is no longer seen as a viable path to citizenship for those seeking economic prospects or physical safety from the southern Americas.

Just as people questioned whether we wanted to allow people if Jewish ancestry to enter our nation during World War II, we are questioning who we want as our neighbors at a time when people face threats to their lives and no possibility of livelihood in large part because of our international economic policies. And we continue to throw away many lives in a growing culture of mass incarceration which traumatizes people on both sides of the bars.

We have much work to do to remember the promise our Universalist ancestors called us to….nothing less than building the kingdom of Heaven on this Earth.

We start one day at a time. One step at a time. One breath at a time. In a week in which I take none of those for granted, we begin.

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