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Of Intention and Attention

As this new year and decade dawn, I find myself in a more contemplative place than usual. This is a place and a time in which it seems both especially important to have a renewal of intentions and also a time in which it seems important to set realistic expectations. The truth is every day and every hour we have the chance to make decisions, though we may not be the ones setting the overall frame. Somethings we CAN change and some we cannot and yet what we can control is how we approach the lot we are given in life.

So, yes, intentions matter—and so does attention. Attention to the small beauties which abound in this life. On the first day of this year, while I was walking with one of my four-leggeds, I noticed this flower on the sidewalk. Down the street was a bush from whence it probably came. I was struck by the beauty it revealed, there on the plainness of the sidewalk and all the possibility it masked. Was the flower plucked in a moment of fancy as a gift to another or perhaps as a gift to self in a moment when some uplift was needed? Was this bloom particularly beautiful or did it just seem so against the drabness of the concrete? And how was my life made just a little better because my eyes caught sight of this little gift? For me these are the questions of this new year and this new decade: how can we see what is before us and find the beauty within it and how can we allow our spirits to be renewed by the beauty that is there.

May this new year be one in which you offer best intentions—and best attention—and may your life be richer as a result.

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