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A meditation for the end of January…

This week so many of those I interacted with spoke to the frenetic pace and heaviness of this month. Here is a meditation from our vespers service to lighten your spirits:

O world of small cares and large heartbreaks, endless lists and unreachable goals let me stop and hold a moment for the chiming voice of the sacred. Let me listen to its tones and let them call me back to my deepest loves and my clearest aspirations. And then let me touch that wholeness from whence all things holy spring. O teeming life with all its resurrections and tiny deaths, with its true threats and meaningless diversions, help me to be present to the small winged creatures of joy and the constellations of beauty that can frame the most ordinary of days and give them angelic voice. O day of limited hours and infinite duties, help me be present to you and all that you give and in doing so, let me be present to my own heart.

Pray for the power to notice and the discipline to pay attention. Exalt the power of every day and the comfort of the routine. Praise what makes you more yourself and give it a name secret to your own heart. In this place, in the quiet of these holding dark nights, know your own power for connection and healing. All that you need is in your own self and in the connections among us all.

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