Legacy Is The Remainder

May is the month when we gather with those who have let us know that they intend to leave a Legacy gift to the congregation (and some who already have). These intentions and gifts are so critical to maintaining the vitality of our congregation in these times in which the younger generations are facing scarcer financial resources than the ones before them.

We leave legacies in many ways.  By the words we share with one another, which get passed down from person to person, sometimes adapted for a new age. Through acts of service and care which leaves a residue of love and appreciation which can have a very long half-life.  Through the donations we make of ideas, talents, and tasks.

Our nation and our world are often so tumultuous that it can be hard do see what matters as far as legacies. And yet what is clear is that places that offer us hope and spiritual sustenance, connection and caring are more important than ever.

When I think of legacies, I often think of heritage seeds which are preserved so that the particular strains of a plant won’t be lost. These are so important that we now have seed banks to preserve them against the loss that would happen if they were just mixed in the swirl of the world.  How indebted we are to those biologists who do this work.  

Our community is guarding some pretty important values which could also be lost in the swirl of the world and these are part of our legacy.  I invite all of us to continue to invest in this legacy by making a pledge and checking out the Just In Time column for offerings to MDUUC. Let’s guard the seeds of our heritage.

I am so proud to be part of a faith that does not have a creed. While the Principles and Purposes section of Article II of the UUA By-laws reflected what was commonly believed among us more than four decades ago, I am glad that I have taken the time to hear the voices of emerging leaders as they recast these perennial values in a new form. This too is a precious legacy and one repackaged to travel into the minds of our working-age members, young adults and teens. Privileging their voices given all the chaos they inherit seems the least we can do.

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