Blue Boat Home?

Last Saturday I was delighted to stroll through the Earth Day gathering at Civic Park in Walnut Creek and to see the enthusiasm and commitment of the event which was made possible by the innovation of our member Bob Joe.

And then the news cycle of this week hit. The news of the strikes in Rafah and the deaths of so many innocents, the continued legal intrigues involving our country’s thought leaders, and the discouraging stories of other human misadventures all coimbined into a particularly toxic mix this week.

Sometimes I wonder if our attempts not to think about what is happening to our planet fuels the escalating levels of violence and inhumanity we witness as regular happenings in our world today. Perhaps that is what I treasure our values which say that we can achieve together a better vision of this world. The addendum for these times is that as we struggle to do it, we need to be sanctuary community for one another.

The theme of our Commitment Sunday Beacon Breakfast was Blue Boat Home, after the beloved hymn which we sang with gusto. And we invited people to take the little boats home and to send in photos which show them while you are doing something that celebrates the UU values and vision of the world.  This little reminder is a good counter to the news cycle blues.

Didn’t get a boat? Some are located in the plastic drawers outside the office door and we would love to see more photos—and pledges—and we work to preserve this important harbor in these stormy seas.

(You can send your photos to

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