Leslie’s Logos – July 2024

At the General Assembly of Congregations in June 2024, the proposed new language for Article II of the UUA By-laws was adopted by the delegates.  

What does that mean for us at MDUUC? Some radical and rapid change, nope.  It means we can continue to use the new  language where it has already been useful for us—with our children and youth and young adults and with those seekers new to UU. And we will continue to use the language of the principles and purposes where that serves us as well.  

Does it mean that we will no longer use the Eight Principles? We use lots of language for different things, including our historical language. And the adoption of this language affects the Association, not an individual’s choices as we remain noncreedal as a faith community.  

I am always reminded of the member who told me that their favorite expression of our faith comes from the Ames Covenant which was originally penned in 1880 (and I mean penned) and then adopted by Rev. James Vila Blake. That second version begins: ““Love is the spirit of this church, and service is its law.”  Interesting that we now have a statement of six values (justice, equity, transformation, pluralism, interdependence and generosity) with love at the center. 

What I celebrate about the four year process that culminated with this vote at the General Assembly is the way that it invited us into a kind of conversation that we don’t always have:  about who we are and what we believe and I know that kind of conversation is a great asset in a time when we are faced with a bewildering amount of hate offered in the name of hate.

Next year Rev. Rodney and I are excited to offer another conversation about beliefs, this time weaving ours with world religions as we commit to understanding the position of our neighbors. My wish for you is a summer full of new ideas and connections and I look forward to continuing the conversation in the fall. 

With faith and perseverance, 

Rev. Leslie Takahashi

Rev. Leslie serves as the Lead Minister of the congregation.  She will be away from Sunday services during the month of July, returning to worship on August 11. Pastoral care should be addressed to Student Chaplain Travis MacPhee on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays and to Rev. Rodney on other days.

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