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Leslie’s Logos – July 2019

As we enter into the summer, the need for restoring our spirits is clear. Three practices which I hope to engage in this summer are gratitude, contact with the natural world and silly fun.
An odd paradox is that hard times make the bright spots of gratitude stand out in sharper relief and I am as full of gratitude as I have ever been even though the year just past had much who do those small acts of service and kindness that matter is renewing. Our carnation ritual in June has inspired me to continue and I invite you to participate as well.
I could cite a lot of data however I don’t think I need to explain the healing power of nature in this era when so many of us suffer from nature deficit disorder. If you can do nothing else, I invite you to experience the healing beauty of the Chapel Grove of redwoods
And silly fun has come back on my radar screen as well. For a few years when my daughter was young, we used to have a Friday fun night—doing something crafty or casually artsy or just plain absurd. Crafts or goofy explorations or bubbles. The release that can come from not taking ourselves too serious seems particularly valuable in this time!
So may the summer bring some changes of pace. Though I will be in and out this summer, I plan to make the most of my freer moments.
With joy in the journey,

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