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Leslie’s Logos – August 2019

Think back on your favorite experiences of learning.  Who were you with? What was the setting?  And now think about a learning experience you had that you did NOT enjoy. Who were you with? What was happening?  For many people, these questions bring back recollections of student days and places where learning was a common goal and where it was acknowledged that all are learners.

Often our least favorite memories are ones when we got a “life lesson” –something we were taught that we weren’t looking to learn.  Sometimes our “teachers” used ways of speaking and acting that made us feel “called out” rather than “called in.”

The times in which we are living make change a constant and in this frame, if we don’t learn, we are destined to be constantly unmoored as we seek to return to a happier and easier time

This month when many of the youngest among us are returning to formal settings of learning, we could all take a page out of some book (or just leave it in the book and read it!) and know ourselves to be learners. I know for myself that when I see myself as a learner, I can better ride the tides and swells around me. When I see my role as to know what to do, I can make myself miserable. When I see my role as knowing I need to LEARN what I can, then life is much more of an adventure.

In this back-to-school season, let us all recommit to growth and expansion and the spirit of learning.

With gratitude, Leslie

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