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December 14, 2018

We have had many cloudy days this week which added to shorter days. Holiday lights shine on bright against the longer nights and the stars are particularly brilliant when the cover of fog is lifted in the early morning.

This is the season of fallow, the season of contemplation and looking inward. Interesting to reflect that we fill it with so much activity as if we are running from any chance of quiet time and inner musing.

As the group of us moved together in our silent camaraderie and reflection during last week’s Breath and Spirit half-day meditation retreat, I wondered what it might be like if time for surveying our inner landscapes was built into our lives more often. What would it be like if we were to listen to those parts of us calling out for quiet and peace? What if we were to create, in our common life together, places for us to companion one each other without words and argument and strife?

This season, when my heart calls out for quiet, I am making note of that and making space to listen to its ruminations. As we enter into these longest nights, may we remember the wisdom of turning inward.

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