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A meditation on the longest night of the year

Peace is a quality of heart and a decision of presence. Peace comes with mindfulness to what is rather than what might be or what could befall. Peace and the inner landscape of acceptance are bordered by possibility. Peace knows no dimensions or seasons, can be found in any heart at any time and in any circumstance. Peace and presence are choices we make with our very being. When we say peace on Earth, we mean it should rise up from the solid presence of the ground of our being into the hearts of all of Earth’s beings.

Let me be a bearer of peace in a world of strife. Let me celebrate growth and healing change in a time of stagnation. Let me have the strength to let go of ugliness and the fortitude to lift up the beauty in myself and in others around me for all to see. Let me be present to the reservoirs of peace within me. Let me know the gifts of peace and presence in my heart.

May the nurturing darkness of this night remind my heart of the desires in its deepest recesses. May I take time to appreciate the quiet and peace and to hold the losses before turning my spirit towards renewal and aspiration. May this longest night point to the largest commitments and may this deepest darkness remind me of my most-rooted commitments.

And then when it is time, may all of these ruminations be brought to the light.

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