Connecting Matters

Connecting matters.

As we move forward in these days, into this fall which is still like no other, we have much on our hearts. Many of us, including me, learned how self-sufficient we could be in the pandemic. We learned that we had skills we didn’t know we had and lots and lots of ability to learn new things. We learned to be still and listen to our own hearts.  And we learned to wait in our solitude.

As we come out of these times once again we are invited to learn new skills, this time around re-connecting with one another. For some of us, who may be introverts and get our sense of meaning from our inner dialogue, this plunge back into a more externally focused world can be hard. For others of us, we so missed the rhythms of company that we turned off from those explorations with others.  Now we are moving back—not galloping as fast as we had hoped yet inching towards connection. As we do, remembering the joys of being together, not just to share good food and company—also to learn and grow and speak from places of deep truth is important.

For this reason, we are focusing on small groups this fall—giving us the forums to deepen these precious skills. This Sunday we will be creating dialogue with one another around a couple of things—the deep emotions that we may be left with after this pandemic, the need to move towards a greater sense of justice as the inequities of our world have been etched more deeply and our needed quest to find joy and gratitude in a world of uncertainty and loss.  Rarely have I felt that something we are doing is so important—I hope you will join us this Sunday, in person or virtually, or that you will join in the ongoing conversations we will launch in the coming weeks.

Connecting matters!

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