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What Connects You To Hope?

That is a question we need to ask ourselves every day. Or at least it’s a question I need to ask myself every day. Sometimes it’s just taking a moment to notice something small like this little one who was on the door when Indigo and I were going to a meeting earlier this week. Sometimes it’s taking the time to figure out what’s really important and to not let the busyness disconnect us from what is really vital to us and to our view of the world.

Bit by bit and day by day, an insidious disconnection is spreading over our society. It says don’t show up for anything that isn’t in your immediate self-interest, don’t take the time or effort to be connected to anything larger because there is no point. I believe this is truly a lethal recipe for our world and for ourselves. I am privileged to do the business of community on a day-to-day basis and I get to see the ways in which connections, even to imperfect people in imperfect systems can make a difference for people.

Those small ways that we take time to connect and the small gifts that we give one another are invaluable. I hope as this fall procedes you will figure out how to connect with the people, organizations and causes which promote and affirm the values most important to you.

Don’t listen to the messages in your head or from others that say that connection doesn’t matter. Listen to the truth of your experience which will tell you, again and again that it does. We are increasingly isolated and disconnected by a culture which tells us that what matters is having everything we want in every moment. What we are getting is a world in which we rarely get to see that which is most important to us. Let’s start building the webs of connection which hold us and sustain us.

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