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Of angels and demons…

Something in our culture can’t resist a dichotomy. The one I have been confronted with this week is how we like to assess a situation, even one about which we know very little, and make one player the angel and the other the demon.

The truth is, as we know, human existence and lived truths are much more complicated than that. Most people have a little of an angel’s aspiration and a little of a demon’s fallibility. Every once and a while, I will meet someone who seems to have parsed all demon out of them and I have known a few who do everything in their power to hide the angelic–still, I suspect they are both there.

Many of us learn this at an early age, though it doesn’t necessarily make us want to stop trying to be the good one. What the last few years have taught me is that it is within our wholeness that we are truly known and that being able to embrace the entirety of our–and others– humanity is where the ultimate goldmine is found.

So honor both your inner angel and demon. Both have messages.

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