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November 27, 2020

On this weekend, often the start of the winter holiday season:

The sadness is there…and the brilliance of the fall is there as well. The strangeness is there…and the beauty of the autumn light. The uncertainty is there…and the gratitude for connections. The loss is there…and the joy that lasting relationships can give. The tiredness is there…and the energy that comes from hearing a beloved voice. The loneliness is there…and the peace of a little time in a known place. The confusion is there…and the certainty that Love can build a bridge. In these times, may we touch Love where we can, in the ways we can, and in the company of those who, even across distance, let us know we are not alone.

The autumn sunlight has the brilliance of something scarce and precious. The last roses stretch towards its warmth. Its warmth touches us with possibility and a promise of a time when we will be in a different season. Our hearts stretch too—towards the connections they can have because we are beings made to connect and to touch and to be warmed in the presence of others. May our stretching and yearning be known and may we honor ourselves for our aspirations and our perseverance. May we honor ourselves for all we do to connect and care during these trying times.

Stay safe out there. Leslie

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