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MDUUC Racial Justice Team Supports Miles Hall Lifeline Act

The MDUUC Racial Justice Team has sent letters of support to California Legislative Committees considering AB 988 The Miles Hall Lifeline Act. Sponsored by Assembly member Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, the bill creates a new three-digit phone line, 988, for suicide prevention and immediate, localized emergency response for individuals in mental health crisis by trained mental health professionals.

In 2019, Miles Hall, a 23 year old Black man living in Walnut Creek, was in the midst of a schizophrenic mental health crisis when his family called 911 for help. Despite being familiar with Miles’ condition, the officers resorted to lethal force with a minute of their arrival.

AB988 will designate crisis hotline centers to provide intervention 24/7 through call, chat and text. These call centers will be able to deploy crisis services – such as mobile crisis teams and crisis stabilization services. To ensure long-term success, centers will also follow up with callers to ensure they receive ongoing care.

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