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March 23, 2018

This week a lot of us have had reason to meditate on fear. Fear of the unknown and fear of what can happen when people have given their life over to a compelling hate.

What we know is that not everyone will experience the same events in the same way. People whose lives have been touched by traumatic loss or violence may need special care and comfort during times when the angrier or more violent side of the human nature is apparent. Those who experienced mostly acceptance and to have also had much of their life go as planned may not experience some events as hard or as difficult to handle.

One of the things we know about fear is that our failure to acknowledge it allows it to grow in our consciousness. Both the scientific and the spiritual traditions now are united in saying that acknowledging when we are afraid is the first step to being able to release that fear. For some, the next step is to experience the fear and for others, there is a third step that involves working through in spite of it. Again, though, that is not an experience that all will have. We each bring into our lives the different threads which weave our own tapestry.

No one right way exists. No single path is endowed with inherent goodness. Each of us, when faced with events that frightened or unbalanced us, must decide what our response should be.

When we commit to believe in love and its power, we commit to aiming that belief at ourselves as well. We too need care and comfort. We to need understanding and compassion. We too need to be validated for the response which is the right one for us. We are the best interpreters of our own lives and the best guardians of our own spirits. In these days to come, let us honor every choice and every Journey and may the common denominator be Love.
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