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Let’s Celebrate our Commitment to MDUUC!
Pledge Drive Kickoff April 18th

We are living in unprecedented times which have challenged each of us in every aspect of our lives, requiring us to adapt in ways we couldn’t have anticipated.  But, adapt we did!

Thanks to the phenomenal leadership, passion, and creativity of our Lead Minister, the hard work of our ministerial team, and YOUR – members and friends engagement – MDUUC managed to successfully transition from a primarily in-person at-church experience to a connected community active across a wide array of high-quality digital programs. Worship, music, religious education for adults and children, community building, pastoral support, and social justice work remained intact and transformed via online channels. We can all be grateful for these efforts so instrumental in keeping us connected in this time of sheltering, amid guidance to not congregate.

We don’t yet know when we will return to a “new normal.” What IS clear though is that now, more than ever, we need the talent and leadership of our team of professional staff to design and deliver the programs, opportunities, and experiences that will be “what’s next” for MDUUC.  We’re springing into the time of year when we make our financial pledges for the coming church year.  Compensating our team – central and vitally important to achieve our church mission and purpose – represents more than 70% of our church operating budget, reflecting a very lean operation centered on people.  Your Board of Trustees views the expense associated with our ministers and staff as so critical to our future that we approved a commitment to sustain both current staffing and compensation levels as we finalize the 2021 – 2022 church operating budget.

Your financial contributions make the magic of MDUUC possible for all of us.
Join us Sunday, April 18th for Commitment Celebration Sunday, the special worship service that celebrates all that MDUUC is and officially launches our pledge campaign.  We will ask you to go online and pledge your financial contribution for the coming church year, and for those that are able, to increase your pledge to help us meet our financial needs for 2021-2022.  We’re fully aware that not all members have the capacity, and we also recognize that a permanent pledge increase may be difficult for many given life’s current uncertainties.  Your online options will include maintaining or adjusting the size of your pledge, the possibility we’re requesting to increase your ongoing pledge if you can, and/or to make a one-time supplemental contribution if that’s more workable for you.

Truly ALL pledges and contributions regardless of size are important, valued, and matter.  Participation by all who can will make a difference. Thank you for your engagement and for your financial and other contributions.  I am confident we will come together to provide the resources needed.  Together we can make it so.

In Fellowship,

Steve Hirsch

President, MDUUC Board of Trustees

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