Leslie’s Logos — June 2024

Recently, our congregation was asked to consider putting some extra effort into the Winter Nights program for families living without housing. We were asked to do so, Rev. Rodney informed me, because three of the participating churches have closed their doors and others are having trouble with volunteers. 

I celebrate that we are in a position to consider this request which is for space rather than volunteers. And I also want to celebrate something larger. The desire of this community to continue to focus on our values in different ways for this very different time in which we are living.  We continue to deepen our exploration of how we can work, not just for what we each individually need, also for the collective liberation of all people and ultimately also of other creatures that share this fragile endangered planet with us.

Our UU values of interdependence, justice, equity, transformation, pluralism, generosity and transformation. Our commitment to centering love is a powerful tool and I am so grateful despite the hardships that we place together that we are in a place where we can consider this.

Speaking of generosity, a big thanks to all who donated to our pledge drive, who volunteered for some action or another, who attended services, who reached out to somebody else in the congregation to offer support or friendship.  All of these small act to drive so they may not be the sudden reversal to global warming or the protective shield we all would want for our democracy –and yet they are priceless. We do not know what will sprout from the seeds in the future but we know that the seeds are precious. 

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